Why I'm Obsessed with Shampoo Bars - And You Should Be Too!

Posted by Laura Denning on

Liquid shampoo? So old fashioned, and not to mention wasteful! Packaged in heaps of plastic, shampoo and conditioner containers can be made a thing of the past with a simple solution - solid shampoo bars. I know what you're thinking, how can shampoo be refined to a solid form? How is that going to cleanse your hair? Is it still soap? Well not only does it work, but it's better for the environment and potentially even better for your hair, as solid shampoo typically lacks things like parabens and other chemicals. 

A shampoo bar typically can last 80-100 washes. Does your shampoo typically last that long? We challenge you to an experiment - when you run out of shampoo next, try one of our shampoo bars and take note of how long it lasts you in comparison. Not only is it beneficial to your wallet, it'll help save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint! Solid shampoo bars are also much easier to pack when going on a trip - no having to worry about TSA! 

So how do they work? Well, you may be surprised. Shampoo bars actually are made to lather up into suds just like any other soap or shampoo. Just stroke the bar over your wet head a few times, and once it's lathered up to your desired amount, put it down and wash your hair as usual! 

Convinced you yet? Check out one of our shampoo magic soap bars today! They're under $3 and so worth it! 

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