The Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Posted by Laura Denning on

Are you looking for the next miracle treatment for flawless skin and hair? Well look no further than jojoba oil. This liquid wax comes from an indigenous American plant that is still found in the southwest today. The shrub produces nuts, which can then be turned into paste or oil that is used on the skin and hair. 

As it is waxy more than other traditional nut or vegetable oils (think almond oil, or olive oil) it can serve as a thicker moisturizer or conditioner for our skin and hair. Our skin is made up of wax esters called sebum that naturally lock in moisture and keep our skin healthy. As we age, the amount of sebum in our skin decreases, so products that contain jojoba oil become even more beneficial as they mimic the effects of sebum and keep our skin glowing! 

Jojoba oil is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that make it such a miracle product. Jojoba oil is known not only for moisturising sensitive skin, but also being good for the hair. Hair thinning and loss can be prevented by the use of jojoba oil on the scalp to dissolve build-up and debris in hair follicles and help your hair grow more easily. It can also help enhance and tame damaged hair, and even treat dandruff! 

Whether you're looking for a fix for dry skin, or a moisture-locking hair treatment, this oil should be the ingredient you look for.  

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