Ten Surprising Uses for Tea-Tree Oil

Posted by Laura Denning on

Tea Tree Oil has become increasingly popular recently. You can find it in on our website in it's simplest essential oil form, which is incredibly versatile!  We're happy to share it's ten top uses here with you: 

10. Treating Pimples and Other Acne

Tea-Tree Oil is an antiseptic, as well as soothing properties that help it from being too harsh on your skin. It's a great natural alternative to acne chemicals! 

9. Treating Cuts, Scrapes, etc. 

Again, since tea tree oil is such a strong antiseptic, it is able to battle infections and keep any small wounds clean. 

8. Eliminating Odor 

Whether you diffuse it with an oil diffuser, or turn it into a powder to treat foot odor, you will notice a difference in bad smells that stink up your house if you use this oil to combat them! You can also use it as a deodorant. 

7. Treat and Heal Your Scalp

If you suffer from dandruff or a dry, itchy scalp, tea tree oil may be your miracle cure. It can be very soothing, and because of its antiseptic properties it can also treat problems like lice! 

6. Household Cleaner 

It's not just for your body! Tea-tree oil can be a great household cleaner and kill microbes from dust and other bacteria in your home. 

5. Mold-Killer!

Suffering from mold in your bathroom, laundry room or other areas of your house? Turn tea tree oil into a spray or use a diffuser and watch the effects! 

4. Treat a Sore Throat 

Try this trick - boil some hot water with a bit of tea tree oil in it and then inhale the steam. It should also help clear up sinus or chest congestion! You can also gargle it, but be careful not to swallow any as it is toxic. 

3. Treat Insect Bites or Stings 

Like it's ability to treat cuts/wounds, tea tree oil also can help reduce inflammation of insect bites! 

2. Enhance your Oral Hygiene 

Tea-Tree Oil can be turned into a toothpaste with baking soda and coconut oil and has been proven to improve gum and tooth health! 

1. Pest Control

Looking for a natural alternative to harmful and dangerous pest control chemicals? Tea tree oil can prevent bugs from coming into your home. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it anywhere you are having problems with pests coming in, and they will stay away! 

As you can see, tea tree oil can benefit you in all facets of your life! Whether a skin treatment or soap, or turning the oil into a cleaner - it's worth trying out and 100% natural! 

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