How Activated Charcoal Actually Whitens Your Smile!

Activated carbon, or charcoal has heaps of beneficial uses, and one of them is actually whitening teeth! Seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? Rubbing black powder onto your teeth to create a pearly white smile? But the thing is, activated carbon has such strong absorption that it is a great alternative to traditional, chemical teeth whitening treatments.

To use activated carbon powder, simply wet a clean tooth brush, dip in the powder, and start covering your teeth! Spend time brushing it in so that it gets all over your mouth and really saturates your teeth. Brush for a few minutes at least. Then rinse out your mouth, and viola, you should be able to see results in as little as one use. Continue using it regularly, and your teeth will indeed be whiter - naturally! 

Activated carbon is used in place of flouride by those who are looking to find a more natural, safer alternative (since fluoride exposure can be dangerous for the body). Since it is so absorbent and detoxifying, it is great for your oral health. It is more affordable, safer and more natural than bleach kits or alternatives on the market - so if you've been considering a teeth whitening kit, why not try Activated Carbon Toothpaste instead? 

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